Friday, October 22, 2010

Christmas cards for the troops....

I've been creating Christmas cards to send to the troops.  My group deadline is Saturday!  I've really enjoyed making them and I hope they will send a message of hope and goodwill from those of us at home.  Above are just a few samples of cards I've made.


cabio's craft corner

I see you've been busy Barb. These cards are lovely and you are so thoughts sending them to the troops :o)

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Hi Jamie,
I guess I was a little confused by your web address and used the name Barb. However, I just realized that your name is Jamie!

Your cards are very, very nice and I am sure that the troops will really enjoy them. You obviously are keeping yourself very busy judging by the amount of cards you have made. I hope you also have a great holiday as you surely deserve it.


The troups will love getting these cards. Thanks for sharing! Linda C

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