Saturday, October 30, 2010

Storage for my Tildas

I'm new to stamping with Magnolia stamps (Tilda to be exact).  I've found that I'm collecting more and more and find it harder to locate the stamp I'm looking for.  I know this is a somewhat primitive way organizing, but it works for me.  First, I cut a piece of 8 1/2 X 11" cardstock in half.  I then stamp the Tilda sideways at the top, with her identifying number below her.  I attached the cute little package she comes in with sticky tape and plopped her safely inside.  I bought an 8" cube at the dollar store and all my Tilda's stand up perfectly.  I now can at a glance pick the one I want, just browsing through the top images.  Hope this helps someone.


Craftin Kay


I think your idea is great, easy storage and easy to chose from.


Kathy Gerace

How many cubes would I need for over 200 Maggies? I do like your idea and will try it for some of my collections of fewer stamps.
Kathy Gerace


WOW What a good idea!! x

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